We cooperate with the experienced 3E, a Belgium-based, renewable energy consulting and software company, offering solutions for the successful independent management of Wind and Solar projects. 

3E has developed SynaptiQ, a software designed to help you control and maximize the performance of your solar or wind assets:

Solar & Wind Forecasting Data Services

Use our solar & wind forecasting data services for a more profitable operation of your renewable energy assets

Optimize your O&M planning with accurate forecasts of PV and wind power generation

Plan your O&M interventions based on forecasted weather and plant specific energy production for a more profitable operation using our
up to 10 days-ahead forecasting services
3E Solar & Wind Forecasting Services – Technical specs

Get the best price for your energy

Optimize your energy trading, reduce transaction risks and balancing costs using our day-ahead and intra-day forecast services

Optimize energy management and storage control

Use our forecasting services to account for changes in variable renewable energy sources and optimize the charge and discharge of your storage solutions

Exploit the power of your data

Get the most advanced and accurate power forecast using your actual production data through our SynaptiQ integrated forecasting service:

  • Solar & Wind resource and power forecasting


  • Global Coverage


  • From few hours up to 10 days ahead


  • Forecasting based on the most accurate Numerical Weather Prediction models and advanced forecasting techniques


  • Very high accuracy for short-term forecast horizons

3E-Solar resource data