RES Investment Consultancy

We provide consultancy services to any interested entity wishing to invest in the development of renewable energy sources in Greece and abroad.

RES Project Licensing

We undertake project licensing procedures on any level requested, by anyone beginning the adventurous and self rewarding trip into Renewables development.

Brokerage and Due Diligence

We provide brokerage and due diligence consultancy services to anyone wishing to acquire renewable energy sources projects in Greece.

SynaptiQ Software for RES Management

We cooperate with Belgium-based 3E, providing software for managing your Wind and Solar assets.

Net Metering

We undertake licensing, procurement and installation for net metering applications.

Small Wind Turbines

We undertake licensing, procurement and installation for small wind turbines projects.

Renewables and Climate Change

We actively participate in the climate change and renewables development dialogue and programmes in European and East Mediterranean level

Floating Offshore Wind

We actively participate in the dialogue and programmes for floating offshore development in the East Mediterranean level

Renewable Market Studies in East Mediterranean and Africa

We undertake renewable market studies in the East Mediterranean and Africa regions.

E-MC²: Energy Matters to Climate Change

We promote knowledge and news regarding renewables and climate change through our climate and energy portal e-mc2.

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