We build from relationships to renewable energy power generation units

We are a Greek consultancy company, founded in 2014, highly specialized and experienced in the field of renewable energy. R.E.D. PRO, as the name suggests, aims to PROfessionally Develop Renewable Energy sources, utilizing the extensive personal experience of its owner in Renewables and his equally extensive network of expert colleagues, who excel in all Renewable energy fields.

“I was lucky from my Ph.D. years to the present day, almost 40 years now, to have worked with Renewable Energy Sources. I believe climate change to be the number one threat to civilisation; hence, all our efforts should be directed towards speeding up our actions to facing this challenge now, as at the moment, we seem to be doing “too little, too late”.

The single most determinant solution to this problem lies in the immediate and extensive deployment of all Renewable sources, until we establish a 100% Renewables energy mix and a zero carbon economy.”

Dr. Ioannis Tsipouridis (owner and General Manager)